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Gurudwara Paonta Sahib is one of the most revered destinations for the Sikhs. Read on to know more about the history and the major attractions of this shrine.

Gurudwara Paonta Sahib

Dedicated to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth guru of the Sikhs, Paonta Sahib Gurudwara enjoys humungous religious importance among the followers of Sikhism. Located in Paonta Sahib City in Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh, this revered site draws devotees in huge flocks. The name 'Paonta' meaning 'feet' best justifies the importance of this place. It is believed that this was the site where Guru Gobind Singh Ji dismounted from his horse and placed his feet for the first time, thereby rendering this place as holy. The fort-like Gurudwara is situated on the bank of River Yamuna and is closely related to Guru Gobind Ji and his life. Being a place where Guru Gobind Singh Ji spent four years of his life and penned the 'Dasham Granth', the significance of this place is indeed enormous. Even today, you will find his personal belongings like pens and weapons upheld here with utmost care. This shrine, which is a symbol of the Raja Medini Prakash's reverence to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, attracts many pilgrims and tourists.

Gurdwara Paonta Sahib is revered as the place where 16-year-old Guru Gobind Singh Ji first set his foot after he came to the kingdom of Sirmour on the invitation of Raja Medini Prakash. At the arrival of the Guru, the King along with his courtiers, soldiers, merchants, and entire Sikh congregation went down to welcome him. Pleased with the warm welcome, Guru agreed to spend the next four years at Poanta and left a written account of his life in the kingdom, which he described as the happiest years of his life. As a token of gratitude, Raja Medini Prakash decided to build a fort for the Sikh Guru on the banks of River Yamuna. The fort enclosed a Gurudwara and was surrounded by thick forest. Guru engaged himself in hunting, training his warriors and literary activities here. It is said that Guru lost his anklet in this place and hence, the name Paonta came into being.

Major Attractions
Spread out across a sprawling campus, the Gurdwara complex consists of Darbar Sahib, which is the main sanctum, the Guru ka Langar, which is the meal-serving place, the Talab Asthan, the Kavi Darbar Asthan, the Dastar Astha, and Gobind Ghat. Apart from these, there are numerous other attractions like the beautiful Assan Lake, which is located at a distance of 4 km from Paonta Sahib. This beautiful lake has great entertainment facilities like speed boats, rowing, paddle and sailing boats. You can also enjoy water skiing and hovercraft rides here. Apart from this, there are other nearby attractions that are worth a quick jaunt. Places like Gurudwara Bhangani Sahib, Gurudwara Tirgarhi Sahib, Gurudwara Shergarh Sahib, Simbalwara Wildlife Sanctuary etc. are some of the other must visit attractions of the city.

How To Reach Paonta Sahib

By Air:
The nearest airport to Paonta Sahib is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun that is situated at a distance of 70 km from the city.

By Train:
The nearest railhead is Dehradun Railway Station located at a distance of 45 km from Paonta Sahib. You can avail any train going to Dehradun and hire a cab to reach Paonta Sahib.

By Road:
Paonta is connected to the cities of Chandigarh and Dehradun through National Highway 72. Besides, it is also connected to other towns of Nahan, Shimla, Majra and Dehradun. Taxi services and public transport buses are always at your service.

Being a shrine that has direct connection with the tenth Sikh Guru, Gurudwara Paonta Sahib attracts many pilgrims and tourists who drive in flocks to pay their reverence to the Guru.